Design & Build

Urban design is all about maximizing the available space, incorporating every surface into the design process to create a fully functional area.  Whether it’s through remodeling a brownstone backyard, or retrofitting a neglected rooftop, Green City Design thrives at working within the confines of urban areas, bringing clients visions into reality. See our portfolio for examples.


  • Residential backyard gardens and terraces

  • Private/commercial rooftops

  • Custom Hardscapes and Furniture


Not limited to exteriors, Green City Design can transform your interior space into a living and dynamic environment. Whether it’s providing a restaurant with the ability to grow their own fresh herbs, or melding nature and infrastructure inside a residential home.

  • Residential Spaces

  • Hotels, offices, and restaurants

  • Table centerpieces and arrangements

Green Roofs & Living Walls

Not only can green roofs and living walls maximize your three-dimensional space, they also provide the benefits of reducing: air pollution through natural filtration, urban heat island effect, noise pollution, as well as the mitigation of stormwater run off, all of which are especially important in maximizing quality of life.


Jersey City - Hoboken - Weehawken - Edgewater - Manhattan - Brooklyn